1. CenturyLink

    Your team did a great job, kept me informed and kept at it till completion. I gave numerous appreciations to your entire team. It was seamless effort. Had a couple bumps, but your team showed up and did what they needed to do. Exactly what I have always expected and received from you and the team. Please pass on to ALL of them and how much I enjoyed working with them. 伟大的工作!!!…阅读更多

    Doug Hollenbaugh, Sr. 下
  2. Zayo集团

    Thank you Conley for jumping on this so quickly. You show Zayo what a true partnership looks like and I appreciate the value you provide us. 史蒂文, Stan and Frank - with everything we got going on this week and being down in headcount I am not sure what Zayo would do without you. What outstanding teamwork you show each and every day and today you shined for Zayo again. I know you do not get recog…阅读更多

    Patrick Anderson, Director
  3. CenturyLink

    Our tech let me know that the job that was completed went really smoothly and he was happy with the quality.…阅读更多

    Amber Nicol, Sr. 工程师
  4. Level3

    I would like to personally convey my gratitude for the dedication of your team! Given the circumstances and timing of this problem I literally had 1 day to solve this problem. I had a site with no battery backup due to condition of existing batteries. I was able to call you team and they solved the problem! All of this was done with the utmost positive attitude and professionalism. My sincere than…阅读更多

    Patrick Falany, Operations 工程师
  5. National Network Transport 工程

    We were greatly satisfied with the work your employees did. They were very professional on site. We appreciate your assistance on this project.…阅读更多

    Daniel Gier, Sr. 工程师
  6. Questar

    Conley Equipment has been one of our go-to companies for 直流电源 systems for many years. Conley has been a trusted information source on the various battery products, charger systems and inverter products available to meet a variety of requirements. I am particularly appreciative of Mark Nelson's interest in assisting Questar to meet its business field and office operational and emergency prepare…阅读更多

    威廉H,老. Telecommunication 工程师
  7. Level (3) Communications

    I wanted to let you know that your employee, 刻苦操练, did an outstanding job with the battery installation at 350 Main St., Buffalo, NY and Sardinia, NY. His attention to detail, meticulous work, and professionalism were really appreciated. I would like to request his services for the 350 Main St., Buffalo, NY, 5th Floor installation as well if possible. 谢谢.…阅读更多

    Kevin P, Network Technician, Global Field 服务
  8. 婚庆

    The battery replacement has been successfully completed. I wanted to thank you for all of the help and support which ensured the on-time completion of this project I would like to highlight the professionalism and attention to detail workmanship of Aaron Berger. Aaron was very hardworking and he ensured that work was completed above and beyond our expectations. He even took time to label each batt…阅读更多

    Nelson G, NJ1 Facilities Lead - Electrical
  9. Level (3) Communications

    I want to give a big thanks to CJ and Conley for completing all fo the projects last year. I know I threw all kins of delivery issues, field issues and broken stuff at your guys to deal with. CJ dealt with everything in a professional manner and pushed everything on when I did not have time to give it the focus it needed. I enjoyed working with him and wanted to pay the complement.…阅读更多

    Keith J, Network Technician, Global Field 服务
  10. 世纪的链接

    It was a pleasure working with Steve, Scott, and their crews. It was a relief to know they were doing the work and I didn't have to 'babysit' them. Their work was high quality and efficient and I look forward to working with them again. Good job guys!…阅读更多

    Sean, Field Technician